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The Overview On The White Rabbit Game

Australian producer Big Time Gaming is providing a little support from the madcap world of Wonderland for their imaginative bender. singapore casino online Alice has influenced several novels, comics, animations, and slot written by CS Lewis in 1865 in Wonderland. casino online JDL688 The classic Lewis story was so bizarre, many readers said it had to be under Laudanum or opium’s control when it was published.


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There are plenty of Alice Theme slots, but the contribution of Big Time Gaming is easy to find among the best. The game takes place in an enchanted, sunny glade of woodland, and fills the trees with a giant caterpillar, with similarly giant champignons. Yet he isn’t all there for the performance and gets up every now and then to help the player out.

A soundtrack like Ravi Shankar that reveals the Beetles Sitar during their ‘experimental’ processes complements the gorgeous look. A scenario is complete, and adds a splash of forest effects.


White Rabbit has two wild symbols that boost strike rate and their related payouts as part of the detailed list of features. The first is a wilderness norm that can land on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 to replace any pay mark. The second is the Extra Wild that is automatically triggered during the base game – up to 4 are applied to the rolls if Caterpillar sleeping wakes up and smoke blows on random symbols. In addition, Bonus Wilds multiply x2 or x3 combinations. White Rabbit undergoes a complete transformation in true Wonderland theme when the bonus game begins. The white rabbit is the main here and when three of these scattered country players earn 15 free spins. The animations of the rabbit hole crash over the background, but this is just the beginning of the transformations.


Each roll begins the free spin function, with five or seven rows, and the corresponding roll is enlarged by +1 when a special cupcake symbol is shown. If a reel is 12 rows wide, an extra free spin is awarded between 3 and 12 rows. If all rolls are maximized, the number winning paths will rise to a total of 248,832. The last move is to be a Queen’s bob which becomes an improved bobbin that creates more crazy and red queen signals as a bobbin is reaching 12 rows in height.

Besides that, Big Time Gameplay feature drop alternative is added by White Rabbit. Players will purchase this feature instead of waiting for three dispersions to activate the bonus play organically. The cumulative expense is 100 times the amount involved. However, players are twisting to it: Drop symbols are obtained during gaming, and reduce the price by 0.2x to 2x if the symbol decreases.

Decision made 

White Rabbit can be hard to break, with its medium / high instability, but once opened, it can blast widely. The magic is to enlarge the bobbles to a limit of 12 rows, causing more free spins and queens. There is no reason to doubt the number after huge video photos of major victories, and big-time gaming State capacity in the range of 13,000 times the stake. The bonus game is so powerful that the innovative Drop feature is useful for direct cutting and circumventing the base game. 

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